This is a very traditional engagement ring style featuring a single diamond set in a plain mounting with four or six prongs. Their appeal is in their elegance and simplicity. They come in a variety of styles. Some are made with thinner bands, while others are made with thicker bands. Some solitaire rings are made with a ring guard which frames the center diamond.

Halo engagement rings are designed with a border of micropave diamonds that surround the center stone. The halo expands the appearance of the center diamond and enhances the sparkle of the ring.

Three Stone
Representing your past, present and future together, three stone engagement rings feature a center diamond flanked by two side diamonds. This beautiful ring style dramatically accentuates the overall sparkle of the ring. The center stone is often set higher to complement the side stones and add depth to the ring.

Wedding Set
A wedding set is a traditional engagement ring that fits together with a wedding ring. Both the wedding and engagement ring match in styles.

Side Stone
Side stone engagement ring settings consist of a center stone with small diamonds on each side. It provides the perfect complement to the center stone. The side stones not only add brilliance to the center stone, but also make the overall appearance of the engagement ring more beautiful and radiant.